"This Stuff Works!"

A special thanks to KT Tape Fan Amber Hayes for sharing her discovery story of KT Tape and how it works for her.  We are excited to hear more about Amber’s power lifting and other competitions in the future! I used to be an orthopedic nurse for 5 years and have seen people come in and out with huge braces on or huge wraps to help with their pain. It looked terrible and just as much of a hassle as their injury. I started seeing KT Tape pop up around the gym and at races here and there. As I got more familiar with the product I didn't really need it but suggested it to my patients and friends. It worked great for them. Just one application and you don't have to worry about it for a couple of days versus the brace and wraps that you have to take on and off often. You can move free and have much better range of motion over the braces and wraps. My husband decided to enlist in the Air Force and while training he strained his hip flexor. He could hardly move it was so painful. He went to the doctor and chiropractor and they told him to just rest. He tried resting for a couple of days but really needed to get back training so I suggested trying KT Tape. He was a little hesitant at first but then agreed. He wore it for a few days and he was moving around a lot better. We applied it again a few days later and he got even better. He is now fully enlisted and waiting to ship off to basic training feeling great! While training with him and hiking, my knees have taken a beating and with power lifting you squat a lot! I decided to put on the tape and couldn't believe the instant relief! My knee felt great! Any time I would feel the slightest ache or pain I would put it on! My right shoulder hurts from time to time and I feel immediate relief with that application as well! This stuff works! -Amber Hayes, RN

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KT Tape Pro Oxygen box with tape roll
KT Tape Pro Oxygen™
With Celliant® infrared technology
to increase cellular oxygenation
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KT Tape Pro®
Ultra-Breathable Synthetic Fabric
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KT Tape Pro Extreme®
High strength water-resistant adhesive
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KT Tape Original Cotton
Original cotton breathable fabric