What's in a Box?

KT Tape is the leader in kinesiology therapeutic athletic tape.  We were the first to bring it to the masses and make treating injuries at home easier.  In every box, KT Tape offers a way for athletes to cut their ailments off at the pass and perform at their highest level.  Unlike traditional athletic tape, which immobilizes and restricts the affected area on which it is applied, KT Tape cotton elastic tape allows full mobility.  It is breathable and can perform in extreme conditions, in water and one application can last up to five days.   So what exactly does come in that little black box? In every box of KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape contains a roll of 20 precut strips attached together in a 16-foot roll.  Strips are precut so there is no cutting required.    Depending on the applications being used there is enough strips for approximately 10 to 20 applications per roll.  Based on general usage, each roll can last for approximately 40 to 60 days.  When applied correctly KT Tape can be worn in the pool or shower without coming off so you can wear it for multiple days.  Each box comes with a picture guided instruction sheet with instructions for general applications.  More video applications as well as printable PDF instructions are listed online and available on your mobile device.  Most stores stock our basic colors: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Black and Beige.  Team Colors are available online and include: Yellow, Dark Red, Sky Blue, Silver, Navy, Orange, Forest Green, Purple, White and Camo. Visit one of the many fine retailers across the country and pick up a box of KT Tape today.

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KT Tape Pro Oxygen™
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With Celliant® infrared technology
to increase cellular oxygenation