You don't need a compass to find KT Tape!

I posted some pictures myself shooting hoops with KT Tape on my shoulder, and I got a lot of comments like,  "Did you have surgery or something?  What is that stuff on your shoulder?  What does that tape do?"  Question after question hit me and I answered every one but the most common one was, "Where do I get this KT Tape?" Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape works great, but until KT Tape came along, it wasn't available to consumers at the retail level.  They had to get it through a clinician.  But now, it's available at virtually every major sporting goods store, more than 2000 specialty retailers, and well over a dozen e-tailers.  And if you want to find the closest place to purchase KT Tape in your area, our KT Tape store locator is the compass you need.   Here's the KT Tape link --click it and go get it!