Athletic Trainers, Get Prepared this Fall Sports Season

It’s hard to believe that it’s getting to be that time of year when we start to hear those three dreaded words, “back to school.”  It also means that many school sports teams are starting their fall training programs.  And for all you athletic trainers, that means a lot of taping of sports injuries.  Good thing KT Tape is on your side. If you are an athletic trainer or sports medicine practitioner check out the Professional Education page on the KT Tape website to find a KT Tape course happening near you or take the online course so you can keep your athletes in tip-top shape.  There are training courses happening all over the country so there is sure to be a course taking place near you.  If you can’t make it, there is the online course being offered as well. So why choose KT Tape for your school, league or professional team?  KT Tape is much more effective for treating sports injuries than the traditional white athletic tape.  If offers a full range of motion while providing support and increased circulation.  Plus it’s breathable, waterproof and one taping can stick up to five days.  Can your old athletic tape say that?  (Nope.) KT Tape also comes in new team colors as announced earlier this summer, so you can match your uniforms and show your team spirit. For a KT Tape Professional Education schedule click here.

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