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Note from the Editor: Dana Casanava is back! And she's knocking out marathons left and right on her quest to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. With KT Tape by her side (and on her calves) we have no doubt...
"Digital Dave," Dave Amirault, recently tested KT Tape for his patellar tendinitis. Dave is Freeskier Magazine's online editor, web developer, photographer, on-air personality, hosts ski events and is in "the know" in the ski industry.  He travels all over the...
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College football is as popular as ever.  During many halftime intermissions, a select group of athletes take to the field, toting a variety of instruments from the clarinet and saxophone, to the tuba and oboe.  Yes, these are members of...
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KT Tape athlete, Glen Redpath recently gave us an updated experience with KT Tape and his race schedule for this spring. He is a motivating ultra distance runner and a true testament to KT Tape and its benefits in endurance...
Tennis fans are getting an eyeful of KT Tape these days -- first at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells a few weeks ago, and now at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami this week. At both tournaments, top...
As springtime awakens, many runners want to step up their running program outdoors.  But experts say it is important not to jump back into a schedule that is too grueling too quickly.  According to the Cool Running website regarding training:...
While it's more popular or less popular depending on where you live in the United States, lacrosse enthusiasts say the sport continues to gain popularity nationwide. Lacrosse is a sport of intensity, toughness and endurance. And training for the sport...
Las Vegas, NV New at the 2009 Rock™ & Roll Las Vegas Marathon this year is a booth at the Performance Expo offering kinesiology therapeutic tape (KT Tape) demonstrations and samples. All race participants will want to dig through their...

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