KT Tape Featured in the Wall Street Journal

It sure looks like the folks at the Wall Street Journal are digging KT Tape. In today's (4/27/10) issue of the financial newspaper, reporter Laura Johannes featured KT Tape in an article exploring Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape and the practice of taping. Check out an excerpt below. In addition, an instructional video featuring KT Tape clinician Holly Moriarty was posted on the Wall Street Journal website. Click here to view the video. From Laura Johannes' Wall Street Journal article, "Putting on the Stripes to Ease Pain" -- Tape can be applied along the length of a tired muscle for support. "It allows the muscles to go on vacation for a day or two so they come back healed," says Gainesville, Va., chiropractor Holly Moriarty. Lumos Inc. offers a perforated and precut version to make it easier to use. While Holly Moriarty makes it look easy, one of the benefits of KT Tape is that you can learn to use it yourself.  You can buy it at virtually every major sporting goods store, sixteen online retailers, and at about two-thousand local retailers across the country.  There are taping instructions inside every package, and you can learn how to tape for specific injuries and preventions by watching the how-to videos on our website.