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  1. Laura will ride until no child has to know what the word cancer means.

    I am proud to be sponsored by KT Tape. I consider it to be an extension of my body, perhaps family!! I am often mummified in it!

    I started in Triathlon not knowing how addicted I would get to the sport, or the medical issues that I would face. I was always slow, often the last finisher. I was proud of being that ‘fat girl’ that finished triathlons, but it wasn’t enough. I started writing a blog and it turned out to be a great venue for other women just like me, overweight and/or facing just normal life’s issues!

    Six years later and countless (albeit slow) races under my belt including a Half Ironman and an ultra distance Aquabike, I decided it time to step it up with Ironman Florida and my second go at a large fundraising ride; Pan Mass Challenge. The PMC is a 192 mile bike ride across MA to benefit cancer research and care. I raised over $7,000 last time and I hope to do the same this time. I ride in honor of my friend’s courageous four year old who is has been fighting the good fight since she was 18 months old! I will ride and advocate until no children have to even know what the word Cancer means!

    I have unique fundraisers to tackle part of the $4500 minimum contribution! I am holding an ‘everybody wins’ raffle at TriMania, pay $20 for a ticket and win a prize worth at least $20. It is a ton of work, but worth it because 100% of rider donations go directly to care and research and we need to find a cure for cancer.

    In addition to my fitness and fundraising goals, I have become an active advocate for EDS. I have the rare genetic disorder (EDS) “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome” which is a connective tissue disorder and it affects me by subluxing bones and straining muscles all the time. It makes athletics difficult in general, but KT Tape has become my lifeline! I even had an episode where K TTAPE saved my bike! During an aquabike Ultra race, my aerobar pad fell off and I just used a piece of KT TAPE to hold it together!

    I am even known to randomly tape people in pain. A friend had just crossed an Ironman distance Triathlon with excruciating Plantar Fasciitis; I had some in my bag and asked if I could tape his foot. He made a face because I offered to touch is foot after 10 hrs and 140.6 miles of racing! The end result was great though, the next day he had no pain! I love that!

    I don’t know how I lived before KT Tape, it now always has a coveted spot in my bike pocket, or hydration pack, I never know when I might need it!

    Thank you KT Tape!


    Check out my fundraising site.

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  2. Nobody supports you like KT Tape.

    We work tirelessly to make our customers stay healthy so they can be active and do the things they love. Here's how we do it:
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    Click the image for a full size version.

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  3. MMA fighter Scott “The Animal” Heckman teams up with KT Tape

    KT Tape welcomes Pro MMA fighter Scott “The Animal” Heckman to the team of KT Tape sponsored athletes.

    Scott “The Animal” Heckman is an extremely talented up and coming, motivated MMA fighter pursuing his dream to make it into the UFC.  He was recently called back for a second interview, photo shoot, physical and medical evaluation on January 9-13 by the UFC for a nationally syndicated TV show called The Ultimate Fighter 15 or “TUF 15”.  TUF 15 is a subsidiary of the UFC.

    Scott is a Bangor, PA native that began his career in the sport of wrestling at a very young age.  He amassed a career record of 142-19 at Bangor high school with two bronze medals and a fifth place showing at the PIAA state tournament.  He capped his high school career by placing 8th in the country at the highly touted senior national tournament.

    Our competitor then embarked on a successful collegiate career by becoming an NCAA Division I qualifier, a 2x PSAC champion in 2006-07, and two 4th place finishes in 2008-09.  During his collegiate career he defeated former middle weight UFC champion Frankie Edgar.

    Upon graduating from ESU he focused his efforts into the Mixed Martial Arts arena.  This turned out to be an excellent fit.  His blended wrestling background and street fighter approach has proven to be a very difficult situation for any opponent to handle.  Heckman’s boasts an amateur and pro record of 12-3 and has appeared on Spike television,, and MTV2 via The Bellator Fighting Championships.

    Heckman is a determined competitor always seeking a way to unlock more greatness, and to continue building a successful career.  This takes a lot of time, sacrifice, and dedication.  Scott currently trains three times per day at different facilities to unlock all of his potential and make him the best athlete he can be for his sponsors. Scott’s done this thus far, hence his credentials.  He is a committed individual. His next fight will be The Main Event at The Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pa. on June 16, 2012.

    Everyone wants to be associated with a winner and that is why Scott has partnered with KT Tape, an industry leader helping athletes everywhere stay active and do the things they love to do.  A little bit of success and flair goes a long way, but to finish this journey we know we need a solid team, and KT Tape is proud to be a part of that team.  We are not leaving this up to chance; instead we are doing everything in our power to get one step closer to a UFC championship. 

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  4. Working Out In The Workplace [INFOGRAPHIC]

    American employees spend roughly a third of their time at work, and many jobs - particularly in offices - are stationary. However, exercise is a vital and important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. So what do you do when you need to burn calories but are stuck in your cubicle? Consider the following.

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  5. Game Change: Social Media in the Sports World [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Social media's influence on sports is everywhere.  Mississippi State changed their football end zone to #HAILSTATE, and professional lacrosse players have Twitter handles on their jerseys instead of their names.  These days, fans prefer getting their sports news from Twitter and Facebook than national news websites, and they're engaging their favorite athletes the same way. This KT Tape infographic explores who the biggest athletes and teams are on social media, who has the biggest following, and which athletes are responsible for the biggest #FAIL.
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    Click the image for a full size version.

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  6. Congrats to KT Tape-sponsored Fremont Bank Cycling Team!

    Congratulations to KT Tape-sponsored athletes of the Fremont Bank Cycling Team in Walnut Creek, CA!  

    This month their men’s squad dominated both team races of the Folsom Lake Bike Festival Cyclebration.  Many spectators and Northern California cycling personalities raving about our exemplary teamwork. 

    In the Folsum Criterium, Rob Scheffler took 4th and Michael Jasinski 6th on Saturday, with Peter Graf taking 2nd place on Sunday. Four of their riders finished in the overall prize standings for all three races completed over the two days. 

    The Fremont Bank Cycling Team is already looking forward to the cyclocross season shortly coming up, as well as to next year’s road season. We here at KT Tape are excited to continue to sponsor them through their 2012 season.  Congratulations again!

    To read the Fremont Bank Cycling Team’s Blog, click here. To follow them on Twitter:

    Fremont Bank was founded in 1964 and is one of the oldest independently owned and managed banks in the San Francisco Bay Area, headquartered in Fremont, California. Fremont Bank has an unwavering commitment to the communities it serves, providing financial resources, building professional relationships and supporting worthwhile endeavors as well as charitable causes. Learn more at

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  7. New Knee Application To The Rescue!

    We love receiving mail from our KT Tape fans- read on for a success story from the Philadelphia Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon earlier this month, as well as hints on where to find our newest Knee Pain application!

    You probably don't remember me as you were taping up hundreds of people the day before the race.  Nonetheless, you did tape my knee up at the expo the day before I ran the Philadelphia 1/2.  I just wanted to thank you for it.  It did wonders for my knee!  I didn't feel any pain or discomfort throughout my entire race and I finished in my best time yet.

     I also looked online to see if there was instructional video of how you taped my knee that day and there isn't.  Would you be able to send me instructions on how to apply the tape the same way you did it for me?  I can copy from the pictures I have from the race, but as far as placement and tension, I would be lost.  Your help would be greatly appreciated!


     Congrats on an awesome finish! And if you’d like to see the video our KT Tape team sent in response to her requested knee application, click here.

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  8. Firefighters Honor 9/11 Fallen Brothers at Pacific Coast Triathlon

    KT Tape is honored to have been a sponsor of the Pacific Coast Triathlon held on the anniversary of September 11, 2011 in Crystal Cove, California. 

    The Race Director of the Pacific Coast Tri shared with us this moving article about the event, written by David Whiting in the Orange County Register, “When Finishing Time Takes Second Place”:

     Tiny lights from bicyclists peer into the darkness along Pacific Coast Highway early Sunday morning as two firefighters prepare for the Pacific Coast Triathlon.

    Stationed in Washington, D.C., Dennis Carmody and Daniel Gerdy are in Orange County courtesy of Race Director Bill Leach just to take part in this triathlon.

    Washington, D.C. firefighters Dennis Carmody (left) and Daniel Gerdy cross the finish line on Sunday after running three miles in full gear including boots. The run was part of the Pacific Coast Triathlon in Crystal Cove State Park.

    The number “343” sticks in their minds. It’s the number tattooed on the arm of Jason Teter, a firefighter from Huntington Beach I recently interviewed who rode his bike across country to honor his brothers who died in 9/11.

    It’s also the number Carmody, recently mentioned in an email.

    And before this day is over, Carmody and Gerdy will do something for that number that transforms this race into something that transcends triathlon.

    The start

     As hundreds of athletes descend a steep hill to the beach, the sun breaks the eastern horizon. But the clouds are so thick, it’s a gradual dawn.

    This is only Carmody’s second swim-bike-run triathlon and Gerdy’s first. It’s also the first time Gerdy has swum in the ocean.

    To be sure, these men have faced tougher things than swimming in salt water. They’ve tackled numerous mountain triathlons that require kayaking, mountain biking and trail running.

    But that’s just training. For a living and to serve, these men walk into burning buildings.

    Still, this day is special. The firefighters are here take on a challenge that reminds what the 343 firefighters faced in New York. Yes, it pales in comparison. But Carmody and Gerdy aren’t here to imitate fallen heroes.

    They are here to honor them.


    The race is on.

    The swim

     Carmody and Gerdy disappear into the white foam of the waves hitting the beach. Wetsuits keep them warm from the chill of the water. But within minutes, it is blood pumping through muscle that warms.

    After heading directly out to sea, they swim right at the first big yellow buoy. They slip past kelp waving from the depths.

    As they breathe left, the sea is emerald green. As they turn their bodies right, the sun breaks through the clouds. Through their goggles, they see liquid gold. The clouds shimmer silver.

    It’s impossible not to think of the firefighters who gave it their all at the World Trade Center.

    The pair churns past a second yellow buoy. The last and final buoy is just ahead. Turning right again, the pair head directly for the beach.

    Thirteen minutes after leaving land, Gerdy is back on solid ground. Three minutes later, Carmody joins him.

    How fit are firefighters?

    Their times smoke.

    The bike

     Many athletes walk up the steep hill. The firefighters run.

    It jogs the memory of what firefighters faced inside the twin towers, carrying more than 40 pounds of gear up thousands of stairs.

    As they run, Carmody and Gerdy start pulling off their wetsuits. They stare at their loaner bicycles, crazy triathlon machines with little pointy handles sticking straight ahead. But the firefighters barely pause.

    Handling a finicky tri bike is nothing compared to taming a fire hose pumping more than 100 gallons per minute. Some say it is like handling a living, breathing beast.

    The firefighters turn onto Pacific Coast Highway. They crank down a hill and zoom up another.

    They make a tight u-turn and fly north on PCH. After completing two six-mile loops, they jet into the triathlon’s transition area. They set their bikes aside and head toward two piles.

    Carmody, dad to 3-year-old son Tommy, and Gerdy, father of 14-month-old daughter Adyline, start putting on things that help keep them alive at work.

    Heavy boots, thick pants, thick coats, fire helmets.

    They aim to cover the triathlon’s run portion wearing firefighting gear.

    It weighs more than twice the bicycles they have just ridden.

    The run

     As Carmody pulls on his coat he is reminded of one of the firefighters who died on 9/11.

    His name was Stephen Siller, and he was on his way home from work when the first plane hit. Siller turned around but was told he couldn’t drive back through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

    So Siller grabbed his bag of gear and ran to the World Trade Center. It was three miles – the same distance as Carmody and Gerdy will run.

    Just before Carmody and Gerdy head out, they grab two flags. Carmody carries Old Glory. Gerdy runs with a red flag with gold lettering: “We remember our fallen brothers.”

    The flags recall an earlier email Carmody sent me. In it, he explained what Siller’s action’s meant: “Total selflessness, a disregard for our own safety when others are in danger.”

    Carmody added, “That's why we come to work each save lives.”

    As Gerdy and Carmody run, something exceptionally rare happens during the middle of a race. Athletes intent on posting competitive times stop in their tracks.

    When they see Carmody and Gerdy, they whoop. They shake the firefighters’ hands. They high-five. They fist bump.

    Cars on Pacific Coast Highway slow to a crawl. Drivers honk. Passengers wave.

    As the firefighters head toward the finish line, Carmody can feel sweat sloshing in his boots. Gerdy can feel large blisters growing larger.

    The discomfort disappears as a crowd of several hundred claps and cheers.

    But there is no smiling for the firefighters. This is a solemn celebration.

    The firefighters have fulfilled their mission. They know the crowd isn’t cheering for two guys named Dennis Carmody and Daniel Gerdy.

    The crowd is cheering for men such as Stephen Siller and his 342 brothers.

    To read more about the DC Firefighters and Pacific Coast Tri, visit the Orange County Register website.

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  9. KT Tape Proud Sponsor of Team Free Arts at 2011 NYC Marathon

    KT Tape is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Team Free Arts NYC for the New York City Marathon!

    Free Arts NYC provides under-served children and families with a unique combination of education arts and mentoring programs that help them to foster the self-confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential.

    100% of funds raised through Team Free Arts events help low-income, homeless, abused and neglected children transform their lives through the creative arts.

    This is Team Free Arts’ 3rd year of being an official charity partner of the ING NYC Marathon and they anticipate raising over $120,000 through the NYC Marathon alone.

    To join the Team Free Arts ING NYC Marathon team, download an application here.

    All Team Free Arts NYC members, along with ING NYC Marathon expo attendees, will be able to stop by the KT Tape Taping Station this November for free taping and samples.  Check out the KT Tape Events Page for more details!

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  10. Join the NEW KT Tape Forum and Win FREE KT Tape!

    KT Tape has a new Forum where you can Ask An Expert any of your KT Tape questions! 

    There are over 100 topic strands including how to tape for specific injuries not yet on our instructional videos, how to choose the right application for you, tips for adhesion, and much more!

    By participating in our new KT Tape Forum, you will be automatically entered to win a FREE roll of KT Tape.

    There are THREE steps to win:

    1. Register on the KT Tape Forum by going to and clicking on “register”. 
    2. Post something in the “General Discussion” strand- you can vote on a poll, respond to a thread, create your own new thread, and much more!
    3. Copy the text of your Forum Post here on the blog as a “comment” below.

    You will be automatically entered to win a FREE ROLL of KT TAPE once you have completed these 3 easy steps.

    Forum posts and blog comments submitted through Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. will be eligible to win.

    Winners will be notified by email and announced here on the blog on Tuesday, September 27th.

    Good Luck!

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