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  1. Day to Day Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, popular sporting activities for nearly all ages rack up an impressive number of treated injuries and hospitalizations throughout the year.

    We examine national injury estimates from a CPSC survey of more than 90 hospitals to find out which sports are the most dangerous.

    Click the image for a full size version.

    KT Tape Day To Day Dangers

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  2. Young Bloods: The Truth about High School Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

    High school athletes have always debated which sport is the toughest and most dangerous. The bigger issue, however is safety. As more and more athletes are getting into year-round sports, and competing at higher levels, there is growing concern for the safety of high school athletes and the long term effects that injuries have both on and off the field.

    The following graphic takes a look at which sports are the most dangerous, if boys or girls are getting hurt more, and how much time is being lost for recovery.

    Click the image for a full size version.

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  3. 3 More KT Tape instructions for knee's, lower back, and arch pain.

    Here are three more new KT Tape apps hot off the press from the studio. These apps are all improved versions of some of our most popular instructions. First, is an updated video for the runners knee and full knee support applications. The new application starts by only using a 1/2 strip of KT Tape for the first strip which makes it easier to apply and helps prevent it from falling off prematurely. It also provides support, pain relief, and normal body mechanics without restricting motion or circulation like other treatments

    [youtube width=585 height=327]v2xYUxXrjxk[/youtube]

    The second video is for lower back pain and is an updated version of our SI Joint application. If you've ever tried the the SI Joint app and liked it then you'll love this one. We've added an extra strip of tape to this application which provides greater relief of pressure and pain, greater proprioceptive support, and increases circulation to promote the healing process. Relief is generally felt immediately and allows the body to return to a healthy posture and normal function.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]blqHMMj35x4[/youtube]

    The third video is for arch pain which is an improved version of the plantar fasciitis application. We basically beefed up the application to provide extra strength support. Using KT Tape for this condition has shown tremendous results in alleviating pain and promoting the healing process. KT Tape provides comfortable and conformable support for the arch serving to relax the foot and reduce inflammation. Reduced activity, stretching the calves, massage therapy, weight loss in overweight individuals, foam rolling, ice, and NSAIDs can all serve to help alleviate symptoms and treat plantar fasciitis. Stretch the calves and plantar fascia before going to bed and before getting out of bed.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]WTSOQg680mc[/youtube]

    We'll continue posting new applications daily and all of the applications will be available on the instructions page soon. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!

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