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Shoulder Pain

  1. Day to Day Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, popular sporting activities for nearly all ages rack up an impressive number of treated injuries and hospitalizations throughout the year.

    We examine national injury estimates from a CPSC survey of more than 90 hospitals to find out which sports are the most dangerous.

    Click the image for a full size version.

    KT Tape Day To Day Dangers

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  2. Young Bloods: The Truth about High School Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

    High school athletes have always debated which sport is the toughest and most dangerous. The bigger issue, however is safety. As more and more athletes are getting into year-round sports, and competing at higher levels, there is growing concern for the safety of high school athletes and the long term effects that injuries have both on and off the field.

    The following graphic takes a look at which sports are the most dangerous, if boys or girls are getting hurt more, and how much time is being lost for recovery.

    Click the image for a full size version.

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  3. Can KT Tape Pro outlast you in water?

    KT Tape Pro doesn’t stop working. Not even when you do. It is engineered to perform in the harshest environments. It has the tenacity to last for an entire week, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold, or in the pool. It features a patented SecondSkin adhesive that will go as long as you do, and—no offense—probably longer. But how does it perform in water?

    Dr. Narson, a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Associations's Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year in 1999-2000, recently tested KT Tape Pro in the pool. Here is his report:

    So, we've all seen the Olympic beach volleyball players wearing that funky looking colorful tape on their shoulders and knees. You've probably seen it at local triathlons, marathons and other sporting events as well.

    There are several companies out there but one in particular is making a special synthetic tape with a waterproof adhesive. KT Tape's KT Tape Pro has the same elasticity as the original tape but puts it on a more tough synthetic material and keeps it in place with a heat sensitive waterproof adhesive.

    Many athletes use this tape to help in the correction of postural dysfunction, to aid the healing of an injury or to give a particular motion some extra assistance (physically and proprioceptively). The problem has always been, when the athlete starts sweating, the tape begins to lose its stickiness and peel off. So, I put this to the test.

    I had the KT Tape applied to my shoulder on Saturday. The any hair was shaved and the skin was cleaned with rubbing alcohol. The tape was applied to help stabilize my right scapula (which is winged) and help assist the deltoids in abduction because they've really been working overtime in dealing with the winged scapula.

    Anyway, since I had the tape put on, I had taken several showers, ran a 5k, went on a rowing machine (aka: Erg) and rowed 10,000 meters, took a long hot bath after rowing and then, on the 4th day, did a 1-mile swim test.  As you can see from the video below, the tape held up very well. So if you are in the market for some good kinesiology tape, you can't beat the KT Tape Pro. It comes in rolls of pre-cut 10" strips and in a variety of really cool colors & black. For clinicians, it comes in a large uncut clinic roll that allows you to cut the lengths you need.  KT Tape also has a cool desktop display dispensor for your office.

    Check out the video of my 1-mile swim test. As I write this, I've also done another 10k run and showered twice more. It's still sticking and still has retained its resiliency and function.

    [hdplay id=49 ]

    KT Tape Applied Saturday


    4 Showers
    1 Hot Shower
    Running a 5K
    Rowing 10,000 meters on an Erg 
    Swimming 1.4 miles &
    another shower when I got home...
    The KT Tape is still on, holding well and still has its original resilience.  The Swim was Tuesday.

    So if you're looking for some extra support for your posture or need to correct some performance dysfunction or simply want to give your muscle and tendons some assistance through a particular movement - then KT Tape Pro is for you. It's a great quality product, reasonably priced and best of all, it looks really cool too!

    On their web site you'll even find instructional videos for applying the tape for basic problems. Anything more complex and you'll want to consult with someone like me.

    'Nuff Said.

    Dr. T

    Dr. Narson is a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and was honored as the recipient of the coveted Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year Award in 1999-2000. He practices in Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic Center; A Facility for Natural Sports Medicine.


    Check out Todd Narson on Facebook

    Original Post


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  4. New KT Tape Applications for Shoulders, Shin Splints, and Wrists

    Here are three more video's- as requested by @tkdsoulkat, @R_Cha_3, and @jlusardi on Twitter. If you'd like to request a video please let us know.


    First, is an updated version of our ac joint pain video. AC Joint injuries can be very painful and take a long time to heal. For most separations or injuries to the AC Joint, this KT Tape application will drastically reduce pain, provide needed support, and speed the healing process.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]DJEhxOkg8Pg[/youtube]


    This video is an update for our anterior shin splints application. This application can be used for a variety of ankle issues including ankle sprains, stretched ligaments, inflamed tendons, or general ankle weakness. The added support will give you the confidence and support during the rehabilitation phase of an injury as well as the stability and pain relief during activity.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]xICBWe-UbTo[/youtube]


    This application is a brand new one for wrist pain. KT Tape is appropriate for Grade I and II sprains, and Grade III sprains after seeking medical attention. KT Tape provides stability through proprioceptive feedback and mechanical support. Additionally, KT Tape is very comfortable and allows for slight healthy range of motion in order to speed the healing process. Other treatments include rest, ice, NSAIDs, and in very severe cases surgery. It is very important to get an accurate diagnosis is moderate to severe cases in order to avoid complications in the future.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]vlCFhibUi_4[/youtube]

    We have many more new applications to come so check back tomorrow for more. For a full list of new applications see check here. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!

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  5. New KT Tape Instructions for Rotator Cuff, Gluteus, and Thumb Pain.

    Here are three more video's from the latest video shoot ( apps) hot off the press from the studio. These apps are all improved versions of some of our most popular instructions. First, is an updated rotator cuff video. KT Tape can be used during the healing process to create stability, relieve pressure, increase circulation, and relax the overworked or strained muscle. Icing after activity and rest are essential and should be combined with NSAIDs to combat inflammation and pain. After the initial healing process has completed, a strengthening rehab program should be implemented.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]1FPlptjGiSk[/youtube]

    The second video is an update for our gluteus pain application. Using KT Tape will help to relieve pressure from the area by providing support, increase blood flow, and stimulate the proper reactions from muscles to alleviate symptoms. These functions help to reduce pain and prevent compensation injuries -- injuries that arise from abnormal movement due to existing pain. Rest, massage, and strength training have also been shown to reverse the atrophic effects of sitting too long or inactivity and pressure. And though gluteus issues can be a real pain in the butt, KT Tape can help to relieve the pain and get you moving again.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]5NDX5iS9sNY[/youtube]

    The third video is for thumb pain. KT Tape has been shown to provide support during motion of the thumb and wrist, and has markedly reduced pain in many subjects. KT Tape also increases circulation to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. Corticosteroid injections are thought to be successful, but do need to be weighed against the negative side-effects of increased degenerative effects. Surgery has been well accepted and successful in almost all cases, but conservative therapies are highly preferred prior to making this leap. Ice after activity, rest, and avoidance of activities that incite pain are all important steps to avoid surgery. A focus on proper lifting mechanics will also help to avoid these symptoms in the future.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]N2eA669ql08[/youtube]

    We have many more new applications to come so check back tomorrow for more. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!

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  6. New KT Tape App for Neck & Shoulders

    Here's another of 50 new apps hot off the press from the studio. This is an updated version of a proven application to address neck and shoulder muscle pain. KT Tape alleviates pain by relaxing the muscles, providing support, increasing circulation around the affected area, as well as reducing pressure on the myofascial tender spots -- all to promote the body's natural healing processes. Generally individuals will feel immediate support and pain relief upon taping.

    We'll be posting new apps daily on the blog so check back for more. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!

    [youtube width=585 height=327]kaAs47A7f-s[/youtube]


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  7. "This Stuff Works!"

    A special thanks to KT Tape Fan Amber Hayes for sharing her discovery story of KT Tape and how it works for her.  We are excited to hear more about Amber’s power lifting and other competitions in the future!

    I used to be an orthopedic nurse for 5 years and have seen people come in and out with huge braces on or huge wraps to help with their pain. It looked terrible and just as much of a hassle as their injury. I started seeing KT Tape pop up around the gym and at races here and there.

    As I got more familiar with the product I didn't really need it but suggested it to my patients and friends. It worked great for them. Just one application and you don't have to worry about it for a couple of days versus the brace and wraps that you have to take on and off often. You can move free and have much better range of motion over the braces and wraps.

    My husband decided to enlist in the Air Force and while training he strained his hip flexor. He could hardly move it was so painful. He went to the doctor and chiropractor and they told him to just rest. He tried resting for a couple of days but really needed to get back training so I suggested trying KT Tape. He was a little hesitant at first but then agreed. He wore it for a few days and he was moving around a lot better. We applied it again a few days later and he got even better. He is now fully enlisted and waiting to ship off to basic training feeling great!

    While training with him and hiking, my knees have taken a beating and with power lifting you squat a lot! I decided to put on the tape and couldn't believe the instant relief! My knee felt great! Any time I would feel the slightest ache or pain I would put it on! My right shoulder hurts from time to time and I feel immediate relief with that application as well! This stuff works!

    -Amber Hayes, RN

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  8. KT Tape Team at the NYC Triathlon

    The KT TAPE team joined 3,000 athletes plus many spectators and fans at the Nautica New York Triathlon Health & Fitness Expo last weekend in New York City.  At the expo the KT Tape team taped hundreds of athletes- the most common injuries being Runner’s Knee, Shoulder Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis among others.  

     The NYC Tri was an Olympic Distance Triathlon that included a 1,500 meter swim in the Hudson River, a 40K bike ride along Manhattan’s West Side Highway, and a 10K run through New York’s Central Park.  You can click here to view the 2011 NYC Tri Race Results.

    Despite the great experience the KT Tape team had at the expo, our hearts are with the families of the two athletes who died as a result of the competition.  They will continue to be in our prayers.

     One fan was so excited for his knee taping that he cut his jeans just to get taped up (see picture above).

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  9. Improve Your Cycling By Strengthening Your Arms

    If you watched the Tour de France last month, you know how grueling cycling can be on an athlete’s entire body.  KT Tape applications can be used to support and prevent these muscles and joints, with some of the most popular apps for cyclists being the shoulders and legs. But one body area for cyclists that maybe doesn’t get as much attention is the arms.  Brian Fiske of Bicycling magazine shares tips on how to improve your cycling experience by strengthening your arms.

    Most of the attention in cycling is focused on your legs and lungs, understandably. But strong arms can also play a critical role in on-bike performance—most importantly, by fighting off fatigue.

    "Having stronger biceps and triceps means your arms will be under less metabolic stress as you ride," says Inigo San Millan, PhD, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at University of Colorado Hospital's Sports Medicine Clinic, in Denver.

    "Those muscles can then help remove lactate from your system during the ride, instead of producing it." That means more energy on long rides—and more power for climbs.

    The key to efficiency, says San Millan, is to add strength without bulk. Try three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions of the following exercises two to three times a week, using dumbbells that total about 75 percent of the maximum weight that you can comfortably manage.

    Hammer Curl

    On-the-road benefit:Works biceps to mimic a handlebar-pulling climb.

    Try it: Stand straight, a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing your sides. Keeping upper arms tight against your body, raise the dumbbells until your forearms are nearly vertical and your thumbs face your shoulders. Slowly lower to original position.

    Lying Triceps Extension

    On-the-road benefit: Isolates triceps to reduce long-ride fatigue.

    Try it: Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent, feet flat. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing in, arms at your sides. Extend your arms toward the ceiling and slowly bend your elbows, lowering the dumbbells until they're at either side of your head. Repeat by raising arms toward the ceiling again, not by lowering them back to the floor as they were at the start.

    Military Push-Up

    On-the-road benefit: Adds strength to ride-stabilizing muscles.

    Try it: Assume the push-up position. Tighten your abs and glutes to keep your back in a straight line. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, keeping your elbows against your body and in line with your shoulders. Push back up to return to the starting position.

    To read the entire article, visit To view KT Tape applications that will support your arms in these exercises, click here!

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  10. KT Tape Fans Aid Midwest Flooding Relief Efforts

    KT Tape is not just for sports- it can be used for everyday aches and pains, or even those muscle strains that are not so common.  We were inspired by one fan’s story of how KT Tape is helping him combat the flooding in the Midwest- check it out below!  Pictures include the author with KT Tape in Action, the Mormon Bridge in NE with the river flooding 5 miles outside its banks, and the community sandbags being filled.


    I have yet to use KT Tape in a marathon setting, however this is how KT Tape helped me. Between my knee and shoulder, it's easy to say that I am a mess.


    I am a resident of the Midwest which, for those of you that haven't heard, is currently the site of MAJOR flooding caused by the Missouri river and a chain of dams. I am not directly affected by the flooding, only because we are on a hill, but have several friends and family members that have been. For well over a month now I have been filling sandbags at the number of volunteer locations set up in the area.


    I got a call from a longtime friend telling me that the Sheriff had shown up at their home and informed them that they had less than three days to evacuate their home. I strapped on my boots, jumped in my truck and headed out to see how I could help. There were POD units being dropped off when I arrived and we began the long process of loading everything they own into these units... and I don't just mean belongings—central air units, furnace, water heater and every appliance, too.


    After the first 14-hour shift I was exhausted and felt like I had just finished BASIC again. The next day I could barely move, but knowing what they were facing was enough to get me going again. A friend told me about KT Tape on Facebook, and I stopped by my local sporting goods store on the way out. With a sense of urgency and overall gloom, I was trying anything I could to lift the spirits of everyone involved. So there I show up... all 6'2" 250lbs of me, sporting my bright PINK KT Tape, and you should have seen them laugh. I soon was the one laughing, when I was running circles around them. I felt GREAT and pretty soon the roll was gone, between everyone there, and we had to go get more.


    Long story short......I have helped to evacuate half a dozen homes, and have had a hand in filling hundreds of thousands of sandbags, helping those I love and those I don't even know. Without any hesitation, when people ask me how I keep going, I tell them all about the multicolor strips decorating my body, and tell them how amazing this stuff really is.


    Thank You KT Tape,

    Chad, Nebraska


    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Chad!  Keep up the good work!

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